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CSB10-COM - Low Pressure or Natural Gas Cooker Stand COMBO Series with 10" Diameter 100,000 Btu/hr Burners


CSB10-COM - Low Pressure Propane or Natural Gas Cooker Stand COMBO
Series with  10" Diameter Cast Iron (100,000 btu/hr) Burners. Includes
(4) Leg Extensions, Wind Guard, (2) WINGS and Regulator Assembly or
5ft Natural Gas Hose. 

Designed for more btu/hr output of a natural gas or low pressure propane use. The CSB10 reaches higher btu/hr levels while still having control of the heat (down to a simmer) with the needle control valves. The 10" wide burner surface gives more heat over a wider area on the bottom of your pans or pots. The CSB10 its a dual height stand of 15" or 30". Includes (4) removable legs that will provide the stand to be 30" in height and with a leg storage rack at the rear end of the unit.

COMBO includes: 8" high folding 
Wind Guard, (2) 12" x 14"  WING
Side Table Extensions and a COM5 Regulator or a 5 ft.natural gas hoses  .

Optional Accessories:

Check out our 
Also the RING1 11" x 2" Wok Ring and RING2 9" x 3" Wok Ring.


10-1 - 15"L x 15"W x 15"H, with the legs installed 15"L x 15"W x 30"H.

We offer free shipping to 48 U.S. States. Wt. 65#


  • Single Burner Cooker Stand with a 10 inch Burner COMBO
    CSB10-1LCOM Cooker Stand with (4) Leg Extensions, WG1 Wind Guard,
    (2) WING Side Table Extensions, and a Low Pressure PRESET Propane Regulator