About Gas Hoses and Regulators

GasHosesandRegulators.com specializes in stocking and selling propane and natural gas hoses for most any application. We stock low pressure (natural gas and low pressure propane) gas hoses from 3/8"ID up through 2"ID in conventional strip wound AGA hose and also in stainless steel overbraid.  We also stock a wide variety of high pressure and low pressure regulators of many variations.

GasHosesandRegulators.com is a division of a larger company which manufactures outdoor cooking equipment and custom cast iron burners for retail, commercial, and industrial applications.   Our parent company also sells a wide selection of barbecue pit smokers, direct grills, and commercial burners.   

Let us analyze your gas hose needs and work with you for a solution that best fits your situation.  We also maintain a large inventory of gas brass fittings including control valve orifice fittings.  We often sell burners with one of our Control Valve Orifices:  the CVO-series needle valve products.    This is a proprietary needle valve controller along with the proper gas orifice combined in one unit.   This specialized needle valve will allow one to attenuate the level of the flame right at the burner;  which, in most instances, is the most convenient place to do so.
Before any of our burners is shipped, it must pass flame inspection testing on a test bench at our warehouse.   A technician will light up the burner and make any final adjustments as needed.   We want the burners we ship to work "right out of the box".   All gas hoses have been pressure tested using nitrogen to insure that the hose being shipped is working correctly.

                                                            Our motto is: "Do it once, and do it right."

Customer Reviews and Feedback during 2016:

Craig Hixson from Plumas Lake, California wrote us on February 4, 2016:  "Thanks, Works great (Model COMRI-60 propane regulator with a 20' hose).  Just what I needed and I couldn't ask for it to be better.  Craig Hixson"

William C. Ruth from Hilliards, Pennsylvania wrote us on May 19, 2016 about receiving his order (COM5D regulator with dual stainless steel hoses and an LPCAST-2L two-piece low pressure regulator with a CVO Control Valve Orifice Fitting) which he placed online the afternoon of May 16th:  "Order arrived...things look good...nice packaging too...nothing broken...will be doing more business ...thanks!  Bill Ruth"


Jeanne and Dennis Walker from Sumas, Washington wrote us on June 21, 2016:  "Thank you, I can't believe how fast this (2096 - Male #600 Disposable Cylinder Adapter 1" x 20 TPI x 1/4" Male NPTwas shipped."  Jeanne and Dennis Walker

Tommy Rovitti from Astoria, New York wrote us on July 5, 2016"  "Just wanted to say thank you for picking up my mistake (an incomplete shipping address which would not verify with the USPS address verification system) so quick and shipping my part (48#-6A-61 - 1/8" MNPT x 3/8" MGF orifice fitting) out so fast.  Nice to finally see great customer service!!! Thanks!  Tommy Rovitti