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COMRI-30 - 0-30 PSI High Pressure ADJUSTABLE Propane Gas Regulator with Gauge


COMRI-30 - 0-30 PSI High Pressure ADJUSTABLE Propane Gas Regulator with Pressure Gauge Assembly, includes a POL tank fitting, a PSI gauge and a 1/4"ID hose.

Good for adjusting the gas flow to a repeatable setting. This regulator will have a pressure gauge from 0-60 PSI. This pressure range will lower the chances of gauge damage when gas pressure instantly changes or "pings".  Pinging can damage the gauge mechanism and permanently render the future readings incorrect. Options are listed here:

  Red Acme wrench-less safety tank connector is available at the top of          this page, at an additional charge. 

►  Stainless Steel protective hose overbraid is available as the 
     SS Hose purchase option at an additional charge.

►  QDC - High Pressure Quick Disconnect Hose Combination Set is
     available as the QDC Hose Set or the Stainless Steel Overbraid
     Quick Disconnect hose as the QDC-SS Hose Set purchase Option.

We offer free shipping to the 48 U.S. States.  Wt. 3# (with a 5 ft hose).