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Natural Gas Low Pressure Hose and Propane Low Pressure Hose   

■   All hose assemblies are leak tested with 100% nitrogen.
■   These ANSI Z21.54 hose connectors are engineered and manufactured to the highest specifications in the industry. 
■   Inner core is made with UL-certified steel.  Milled-end fittings are made with domestic CA360 brass.   This exceeds all                  CSA connector certifications. 
■   These hoses remain flexible in cold weather, unlike many others.
■   The fittings and hoses are compatible with Gas Flo quick connect fittings, and also with Hansen and Sturgis fittings. 
■   They are not  compatible with Snap Tite products. 
■   Free Shipping within the 48 contiguous U.S. States for all of these products!

1/4"ID (for RV's) size Low Pressure Propane Hose is found on the Propane Quick Connect Hose page.

►3/8"ID up to 2"ID size Low Pressure Propane Hose is found on the Natural Gas Hose page.   


The Sturgis strip wound and stainless steel overbraided natural gas and low pressure propane hoses feature: fully interlocking metal core, no synthetic packing that can clog orifices, 10%  thicker jacketing, temperature resistant to 240 degrees Fahrenheit, 400 pound longitudinal pull strength, remain flexible in cold temperatures, hose that will not kink or crush, a metal core certified to UL360, CA360 brass on all parts, and have permanently attached interlocking end fittings.  

These improved Sturgis appliance connectors meet or exceed the temperature, pull, and crush requirements of the ANSI Z21.54 standard for portable appliance connectors.  Such connectors are commonly used with outdoor residential cooking equipment, outdoor commercial and non-commercial cooking equipment, construction heaters, residential patio heaters, generators, and many other gas appliance hose applications