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Custom Generator Connectors, Construction Heater Hoses, and Low Pressure Appliance Hoses with Stainless Steel Overbraid Natural Gas and Low Pressure Propane Appliance Hose 10" diameter low pressure burner and separate venturi joined by 1 1/4" pipe nipple of any length High Pressure Propane Quick Connect Hoses ACME Type 1 Wrench-less Tank Fittings  

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Adjustable High Pressure 0-60 PSI Gas Regulators with Pressure Gauges High Heat Jet Burners High Pressure Propane Cast Burners High Pressure Propane Adjustable Regulators with Custom Hose Lengths High Pressure Propane Venturi
High Pressure Adjustable Pressure 0-21 PSI Gas Regulators with Pressure Gauge Low Pressure 6 oz. Preset Propane Regulator Assemblies Adjustable Neck High Pressure Cast Iron Burner GRILL1 two part square burner and separate venturi  ... and more. 

The prices for products on this website include free shipping within the 48 contiguous U.S. states.  Gas Hoses and Regulators .com sells the highest quality Sturgis brand appliance hoses, generator connectors, quick connect hoses, and custom lengths of strip wound and stainless steel overbraided natural gas hose.









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